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> I wasn't aware of any Sonic-related Happy Meal toys. Please send or post
> details for inclusion in the Sonic Merchandise List.

Okay, lemme see if I can remember them all...

The one I got was the Tails Flying Fox Launcher. A blue semi-cylindrical
base with a ripcord attached launches an orange bit of plastic with
stickers of Tails' snuggable body on both sides into the air, courtesy of
the helicopter-like 'tails' attachment. It's a little tricky for us
southpaws to work, but goes surprisingly high.

They also had, if I remember correctly, a Sonic scooter thing, with a
launcher to send it flying across the floor; a Knuckles whirling top toy,
with him holding out his fists like he's imitating the Tazmanian Devil;
and a Robotnik 'Just Won't Stop' vehicle, which reversed course when it
bumped into walls and stuff (I don't know how it was powered; possibly a

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