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Did anybody else get this message?
I think he meant to send it to the list, but I don't think it got there.
Let me know if i'm wrong.

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>tails2.jpg: Someone else objected to the anime style of the drawing. I
>don't agree per se-- I like the rendering of him in the debug screen on
>Sonic CD, f'rinstance (anybody got a grab of that?)-- but here I agree
>that something doesn't quite 'work'. I think he doesn't look young
>enough; he's kinda vertically stretched or something, and looks more like
>the teenage Sonic then the cute innocent HFF we all know and love.
>tails_guitar.jpg is in the same style, but the proportions are better so
>it looks quite nice, IMHO.

This picture was actually taken from a "Sonic & Knuckles" promotional poster
where all three of our heroes were standing on a hill. There is
perspective, rather than just a flat picture, hence his fist looks
abnormally large... I do agree that Tails does look older than normal,

Tails_guitar was just a flat poster scan (from a Japanese Sonic calendar).
 Therefore the proportions seem more "realistic."

You'll see once I post the remaining picts of Sonic and Knuckles from the
same poster. They both have the perspective look. :)


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