Bloodlines: Discussion

From: James Firmiss <>
Date: Tue, 28 Mar 95 12:21:40 CST

When I read any story based on something I've seen in TV or Movies I often
try to visualize it as a 'new episode' or 'new movie'. Sometimes the story
works this way while sometimes it doesn't... this one definitly WORKS.

Its probably a bit too intense in parts for Saturday mornings and the
scene which you said might offend probably wouldn't make it (however you
do see it sometimes on Bugs Bunny Cartoons). I was definitly more 'suprised'
than offended with it. (and definitly more tasteful than a certain JPG I
won't mention)

Excellent Story Dan! It was worth the wait.

Is anyone keeping all these stories somewhere? I know 'Rotor's home page
has a bunch of them. I haven't been able to keep everything in my user
account and had hoped to transfer them from an FTP site somewhere when I
get some disk space.

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