Sally Mini-Series #2

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I received Issue #2 of the Princess Sally mini-series in the mail on 21
March, but they didn't send #1 with it. I also got #22 at the same time
(which I already had), and I hope I won't have to wait a whole month from
now to get #23. (As you might have guessed, I took out subscriptions so
I won't have to make a monthly 5-store circuit to find the comics.)

The remainder of this message has information about what's in Sally #2.
If you have not read it and would prefer to read it first, don't read
any more of this message.

Erich Schulman (KTN4CA)
Team OS/2

The story opens with a fight between St. John and Hamlin, and Sally
gives Hamlin a scolding. To reach the third, undestroyed substation,
the Freedom Fighters use a new(?!) technology: hang gliders. Arlo's
glider is hit by the defences and he is wounded in action; Penelope
volunteers to stay with him.

Once inside, Sally and St. John are attacked by an octopod, and
everyone barely manages to escape the explosions. Upon leaving,
they find that Arlo and Penelope are gone. Sally says they will
return to camp without them (which Hamlin is opposed to), and they
never show up again.

Did you ever have your doubts about St. John after reading #1? If
so, your instincts were right. That night, St. John replaces Sally
with a lookalike robot and delivers the real Sally to Robotnik.

Unresolved issues:
* What did happen to Arlo and Penelope?
* Why did St. John sell out? What compensation is he expecting?
* What will become of Sally?

Reader letters
Actually, *letter*, as only one was published.

Q1: Is Sally going to marry Sonic?
A1: "Could be"
Q2: Has Sally met Knuckles?
A2: (Not yet???) She will in a forthcoming S&K 48-page special
Q3a: Does Sally have a mother?
Q3b: If so, what does she look like?
A3: "Of course I do. Her origin may yet be told."

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