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>"Ironlocke prison, built in 1543, abandoned 100 years ago"

>Well, ignoring the 1500 year time lapse between the
>2 seasons...[NOP!]

   Wait up. Just beause it was built a long time ago doesn't mean 1500 years
passed between the seasons. It just means it's REALLY old. If I, in 1995,
ask somebody about the Model T, they would say it was invented in 1908. That
doesn't mean 87 years passed between the time I asked them and right now as
I'm typing this.
   Because it was abandoned 100 years ago is no different. The car expert
would say the Model T stopped being produced in 1928, i.e. it was "abandoned"
75 years ago. It had an effective "life span" of 20 years. Ironlock had a
life span of 1581 years. (Assuming the episode took place in 3224.) That's
a long time, yes, but says nothing about the time between the two seasons.

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