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> I've received so much e-mail from the Sonic Net at large, so I'll
> try to answer all of it here en masse. Send messages to me in
> private (not via Sonic Net) if I missed anyone:

> -Yes, I am the perpetrator of "The Temporal Syndrome". And I never
> had a clue that the writing (at least to some people) was so dramatic.
> I'll try to tone my style down so that some workers won't have to face
> the customers all teary-eyed......NOT!

<Chuckle> I think that's me you're replying to. Please...DON'T change
your style. Right now, dark, dramatic stories such as TTS are my favorite,
and I think they serve an excellent purpose in the StH universe. After all,
there is a global war going on against someone who could've been Hitler's
mentor, and that's something I think the comics often forget. Of course, this
is an Archie comic (should I stop bashing them so much? Okay, I'll try).
I've got some stories coming along, and once I sit down and watch the show,
I'll get writing. So far I've got 2 stories involving a new character mapped
out in my mind. All I need to do is watch the show to fill in the little
details and make sure I'm not contradicting any of the characters'

> -No, I haven't read the comics at length, and I feel much more comfortable
> with the
> Saturday morning show (which, I hope, "The Temporal Syndrome" reflected
> as much as possible). The comics have an effect that doesn't seem right (I
> keep comparing it to the show).

Do what I do...don't worry at all about the comics when writing, unless you
plan on writing specifically for the comic universe.
Remember my long-winded arguments in the "Where/What is Mobius?" debates?
I was saying that I feel that Mobius is the Earth of an alternate universe.
Well, I've since gone on to create the theory that there are no less than
four universes that contain the planet Mobius along with Sonic and
Robotnik. These four universes are depicted by:

1. The Saturday morning cartoon.
2. The Archie comics.
3. The video games.
4. The Fleetway comics.

Of course, some of these universes are more parallel than others, and
sometimes events that happened in one universe also happened in another.
But I still consider them separate entities, and the possibility of
continuity between them is impossible without the multi-universe theory.
(A fifth universe, you ask? Well, okay, but only if you consider the weekday
show worthy of being called a "Sonic universe" :) )

Now, which universe does all the fan-fic come under? Any one the author wants
it to. Right now, I figure that all of the authors are setting their
stories in the Sat. morning universe. I plan on doing the same.

> -Yes, I am guilty of writing in a dramatic style. Quick, get the security
> shackles!

Like I said, don't change! :)

Once again, mega-kudos for TTS!!


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