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|====================== THE SONIC FAQ FILE =====================|

Mar 10, 1995 edition

Compiled by: Daniel J. Drazen
Contributors: Ron Bauerle, Brad Clark, Craig Moore, Michiyo
Nakajima, Paula O'Keefe, Eric E. Pearson, Jeff Pegnato,
Alessandro Sanasi, Erich Schulman, Fred Sloniker, Andy White

Address all comments, corrections, contributions and flames to:

[Note: by suggestion of Ron Bauerle, I will be posting all new
material in this portion of the FAQ File, to keep people from
having to wade through the whole thing. After a week, though, it
gets cut-and-pasted into the body of the File. There WILL be
spoilers. You have been warned. DJD]

#22 [May 1995]
"The Return," written by Ken Penders, art by Pat Spaziante &
Harvey M.

The story opens with Sonic & Sally MCW (Married with Children;
cf. the end of "Sally's Quest" in _In Your Face #1_). Sonic &
Sally are out with the kids when, during a lightning storm, an
apparition of Robotnik appears and just as suddenly disappears.
Have your pencils and scorecards ready to try and follow the
remainder of the plot: Robotnik is actually on a satellite
talking with Robo-Robotnik from "Night of a Thousand Sonics,"
(#19), only in this case only the consciousness of Robo-Robotnik
(hereinafter "R-R") remains resident. Robotnik convinces R-R to
teleport him back to Mobius, where it turns out Snively has
activated an alternative Doomesday device which would go off if
Robotnik was ever defeated. Robotnik actually deactivates
"Operation Wasteland" himself to keep from being ruler over
nothing and to have the pleasure of saying to Sonic: "You owe
me!" Robotnik and Sonic MWC are declared to be at a stalemate.
What about R-R? Who knows? Muddled story saved by Spaziante

"Tails Knighttime Story," written by Angelo Decasare, art by Dave
Manak & John Dagostino.

As Tails grumps about "get[ting] baby-sat" while Sonic has all
the fun and adventures, Sally tells him a bedtime story wherein
Sonic is Sir Runalot and Tails is his page who "borrows" his
armour one day and who, mistaken for the aforementioned knight,
ends up doing battle with Sir Knightmare of Robotannia (guess
who?) until the real Sir Runalot saves

Sonicgram: the comics should get a FAQ File, since two letters
pepper them with questions (most are answered: "Keep reading."
Translation: "we're working on it!"). The cover of Princess
Sally #2 in an ad on the same page differs from one which appears
on p. 17 of the same issue(!), thus bolstering the "creative
differences" theory in Q7.

[I am indebted to R.D.B. for the following, since the Sally
miniseries has yet to hit the shelves in this corner of Michigan-
-I've GOT to stop buying retail and subscribe!]

Princess Sally Mini-series #1 [April 1995]

"Deadliest of the Species!" written by Mike Kanterovich & Ken
Penders, art by Art Mawhinney & Rich Koslowski.

Opens with a nice splash page summarizing the struggle so far and
describes the main characters (get this: "Antoine is renouned for
his military skills" - okayyyy...). Next it recaps Sally's
meeting Geoffrey St. StH #20.

Sally & Geoffrey are attacked by SWATbots after destroying the
facility and manage to beat them off [hey, Ron, let's leave their
private lives out of this ;-) ] and exchange some banter in the
process (I can't call it friendly but it's not really sarcastic
either). They then head back to the camp where some young
trainee freedom fighters are waiting for Sally. Geoffrey
mistakes them for enemies and jumps a pig (Hamlin) but they're
separated by Sally. This establishes some bad blood between
Hamlin and Geoffrey that continues all issue.

The team proceeds to its next target (an energy substation) and
after battling SWATbots and ORBbots manage to destroy it. During
the battle Geoffrey saves Hamlin's life but Hamlin still doesn't
trust him. That night, when everyone else is asleep, Geoffrey
slips away, activates a teleportal, enters some kind of building
and descends to its basement where he speaks to a figure in a
glass case: Sally!?

Also some fan art: two pics of Sally & Bunnie (both NBD), and one
of Sally as a dominatrix (!).

NOTES FROM THE NET: that's the heading suggested for comix-
related posts to a.f.s-h by none other than Paul Castiglia of
Archie Comics. Seems P.C. thinks that NftN would make a good
subsection of the Sonic Grams, and said so in a recent post. The
idea is that you can post to a.f.s-h, and your post (and e-mail
address if you want) will be reprinted in NftN. But ONLY if you
specify that it's for NftN. Apparently Archie Comics is still
getting a feel for whether they should go ahead with the plan, so
let's see some support for it! Hmmm, wonder if Sally's e-mail
address is ?



Q1: How did Tails come to have two tails?
Q2: Is "Tails" his real name?
Q3: Is Tails related to Sally? He calls her "Aunt Sally" quite
Q4: I can't figure out what kinds of animals some of the
characters are supposed to be.
Q5: "Sally Acorn?"
Q6: How old are the characters supposed to be?
Q7: What happened to the Princess Sally miniseries?
Q8: Does anyone have a theory about Sonic's speed?


Q1: How did Tails come to have two tails?
A: The writers of Sonic comics solicited reader responses to this
in issue #___; the replies were printed in issue #___. They
range from transplantation to mutation. The latest entry is in
the Sonicgram of #22. They state that Tails just happened to be
born that way--with no other comment (thus illustrating the
difference between an Explanation and an Answer). At this point,
there is no "official" explanation as to how Tails got that way,
so you're pretty much free to believe what you like. Personally,
I prefer the theory that it is a mutation, induced by Robotnik's
pollution of Mobius. This would accord with the fact that Tails
had not been born when Robotnik took over (cf. Q6).

Q2: Is "Tails" his real name?
A: No, his real name is "Miles Prower" (you have to say it
sorta fast to get the joke). That was his name when he was
introduced on the front screen of the Sonic 2 video game. Tails
was given as his nickname, and it stuck.

Q3: Is Tails related to Sally? He calls her "Aunt Sally" quite
A:This argument has been put forward by the "Sally is a fox" camp
(see below). However, if that were true, then he'd also be
related to Bunnie, as he's been known to address her as "Aunt
Bunnie." For that matter, it seems that everyone in the Knothole
gang refers to Sir Charles Hedgehog as "Uncle Chuck," though he's
technically only uncle to Sonic.

While it was not explicitly stated in either the comics or in the
cartoons, it has to be kept in mind that all of the freedom
fighters' families were disrupted by Robotnik's takeover of
Mobius. It's safe to assume that they all have had relatives who
have ended up being roboticized. As a result, they have become
not so much a paramilitary resistance group as a loose-knit
family. Sonic, for instance, clearly relates to Tails as if the
latter was his little brother, the difference in species

Q4: I can't figure out what kinds of animals some of the
characters are supposed to be.
A: Admittedly, it's trickier to spot some species in the series
than others. Herewith is the list:
Sonic and Sir Charles. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .hedgehogs
Bunnie . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . rabbit
Tails. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .fox
Rotor. . . . . . . . . . . . . .walrus (sea lion, cf. Teitelbaum)
Antoine D'Coolette . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .fox
Sally Acorn. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ground squirrel/chipmunk
Sally's father . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .fox

The identification of Sally as a ground squirrel is based on
extended discussion of the topic on Internet { and
rec.arts.animation). She was also declared to be a ground
squirrel in the comics, most recently in the Sonicgram of Sonic
#19. As for the designation "ground squirrel/chipmunk", which
has been questioned by at least one correspondent, I entered it
this way on the assumption that the two terms were synonymous. I
have consulted a dictionary, which states that the term "ground
squirrel" applies to several kinds of rodents, including the
chipmunk genus _Tamias_. Given the present ambiguity, the
designation will remain as is.

Despite this, controversy continues. Identifying Sally's species
has been particularly vexing to some fans, especially those who
reason that since Sally's father is clearly a fox, then she must
be one herself. It is possible that Sally takes after her mother
in this regard more than her father. Cross-species mating is a
definite possibility, and an example is implied in the
"flashforward" at the end of "Sally's Crusade" [Sonic: In Your
Face #1].

At this point, the identification of Sally's nanny, Rosie,
remains ambiguous. Given her buck teeth, she could be either a
beaver or a woodchuck. Since she is always shown wearing a long
cloak, I've been unable to spot the character beaver tail. Final
identification is still pending.

Q5: "Sally Acorn"?
A: This is how she was identified as far back as the beginning
of the comics [Sonic Miniseries, #0, Mar 1993]. Technically,
royalty do not have surnames or family names in the accepted
sense; rather, the title of the personage tends to serve the
purpose. Her middle name, Alicia, is apparently seldom used (cf.
"Blast to the Past," part 1). If you wanted to be grandiose
about it, Sally's formal title would be: Sally Alicia, Princess
of the House of Acorn. But in any event it's unlikely that
Sally's formal title will come back into use so long as Robotnik
is in charge.

Q6: How old are the characters supposed to be?
A: According to the TV series ["Blast to the Past: part 1"]
Sonic and Sally were both 5 years old when Sally's father was
overthrown and Robotnik took over. Two other age clues were
given in the "Drood Henge" episode: that Tails was 10 years old,
and that Sally wouldn't "come of age" for another two years.
At one point, Sally's age is explicitly given as being 16,
though the comics reportedly put both at age 15. Subtracting 5
from 16 leaves the number of years Robotnik has been in charge:
11. Thus, it would appear that Tails was born after the fall of
the House of Acorn. Still, the simplest way out of this dilemma
would be to put the age of majority on Mobius at 17 instead of
18; that would eliminate the extra year differential without
altering the stated ages of Sonic and Sally (in the comics) or of
Tails (in "Drood Henge").

Q7: What happened to the Princess Sally miniseries?
A: Archie Comics was supposed to roll out a three-part
miniseries starring Sally as the main character. The story
actually began with "Deadliest of the Species" in Sonic #20. The
cover art for the miniseries, however, differed in subsequent
advertisements: one cover for the first issue prominently
featured Geoffrey St. John, while another did not. The third
issue cover either does or doesn't feature Sally doing battle
with a clone of herself, depending upon where you see it. Two
different versions of the cover for #2 appeared in Sonic #22.
The fact that the Sally creative team PLUS Archie Comics PLUS
Sega reportedly came together to discuss "improving" the series
(as reported in the Sonicgram for Sonic #21) would seem to
indicate that someone had come down with a case of "creative
differences." In any event, the "improved" Sally miniseries began
shipping the week of Feb 13.

Q8: Does anyone have a theory about Sonic's speed?
A: How, in other words, is Sonic able to run so fast? Apparently
the same way you get to Carnegie Hall in the old joke: practice.
I'm serious; here is the only print explanation I've come across
so far: "Years ago, when things were right on Mobius, there lived
a hedgehog named Sonic.... Sonic was only interested in running
as fast as he could. Every day he practiced." [Michael
Teitelbaum, _Sonic the Hedgehog_. Mahwah, NJ: Troll, 1993, pp.7-
8]. And that's the extent of Teitelbaum's explanation. Thanks a
heap, Mike!


NOTICE: The fact that episode and story summaries appear here
means there is a good chance that you will encounter spoilers.
This is your only notice!

          1. First Season: 1993-94

Super Sonic
Writer: Jules Dennis
When Nicole malfunctions, Sonic and Sally go to Robotropolis to
get replacement parts. While there, they discover the Forbidden
Zone and a being named Lezar. Lezar causes Sonic to lose his
speed abilities, and teaches him that he can still accomplish
things without it.

Sonic Boom
Writer: Len Janson
While on a mission in Robotropolis, Sally intercepts a message
which includes the use of her father's pet name for her. They
follow the lead to the Dark Swamp and the remains of Ironlock
Prison. In the process, a freedom fighter named Cat is captured.

The freedom fighters gain maps to Robotropolis, but the search
for Sally's father proves futile.

Sonic and Sally
Writers: Pat Allee and Ben Hurst
Before becoming the principle writers for the second season,
Allee and Hurst wrote this account of Sally's capture by
Robotnik's forces. Sonic rescues what he thinks is Sally but
what is instead a robot double. Back in Knothole, Tails begins
to doubt Sally's behavior because of small details, such as how
she reads a bedtime story. After first dismissing Tails' fears,
Sonic also comes to realizes he's been dealing with a "Stepford

Hooked on Sonics
Writer: Randy Rogel
In an attempt to impress Sally, Antoine tries to capture Robotnik
by himself. He attempts to lure Robotnik into the open with the
offer of a power ring, but Antoine is himself captured and Sonic
has to rescue him.

Ultra Sonic
Writer: David Villaire
While on a raid in Robotropolis, Sonic finds his Uncle Chuck as a
robot worker in a crystal mine. Uncle Chuck recovers his mind
and will long enough to help destroy a giant crystal which would
have damaged the ecosystem of the entire planet. As Uncle Chuck
loses control of his will, Sonic vows to return for him.

Sonic's Nightmare
Writer: Frank Santopadre
The freedom fighters are captured and held on a deserted island
refinery. Sonic must not only rescue them but he also has to
deal with a recurring nightmare where he unable to prevent
Sally's being roboticized.

Warp Sonic
Writer: Matt Uitz
The freedom fighters discover an underground civilization called
Lower Mobius and one of its citizens, Griff. Lower Mobius draws
energy from a power crystal, but it is weakening. Feigning
friendship, Griff visits Knothole and steals the power stone
which is the source of the power rings. After fighting off some
mechanical rats, the power stone is retrieved. Griff apologizes
for his theft and is given a portion of the stone to aid Lower

Harmonic Sonic
Writer: David Villaire
After Robotnik launches a robot-manned orbiting space station to
locate Knothole, the Knothole freedom fighters use a rocket
booster to reach and destroy it.

Sonic and the Secret Scrolls
Writer: Janis Diamond
The freedom fighters journey to Mauga (sp?) to recover some
legendary scrolls, but Robotnik is tailing them. Robotnik's ship
is hurled off a plateau by a violent wind, and the Knothole gang
mistakenly believe he is finished. Will they make the same
mistake at the end of the second season?

Writer: Barbara Slade
Sonic discovers a stream of water that makes plants grow at a
fantastic rate. In their search for the source, the Knothole
gang discover a subterranean creature whose habitat has been
disturbed by Robotnik's drilling operations.

Heads or Tails
Writer: Len Janson
On a raid of Robotropolis, Sonic runs into Muttski, his now-
roboticized pet dog and vows to return him to normal someday.
The freedom fighters also have to contend with a squadron of
Buzzbombers carrying an orange defoliant [Agent Orange?
Hmmmm...] intent on destroying the Great Forest and exposing
Knothole. Artwork in this ep is decidedly off-model.

Sonic Past Cool
Writers: Kayte Kuch & Sheryl Scarborough
Tails finds a baby terrapod and the freedom fighters escort the
terrapod herd to Boulder Bay, where they will be safe from

Sonic Racer
Writer: Len Janson
While on a mission to disable Robotnik's power generators, Sonic
is tempted into participating in a contest against a super-fast
robot designed to capture him. While he engages the bot, Bunnie,
Sally and Antoine go after their target: Robotnik's back-up

          2. Second Season: 1994-95

Game Guy
Sonic rescues someone from capture by Robotnik; he turns out to
be Ari, a freedom fighter from another group. Ari directs Sonic
to a place which turns out to be a trap. Sonic manages to escape
(after Robotnik toys with him), but Ari--whose comrades were
roboticized and who was himself deceived by Robotnik--is sucked
into the Void. Before falling into the Void, Ari says something
about a list of other freedom fighters.

Sonic Conversion
The Knothole gang test a deroboticizing process on Bunnie, whose
partially-roboticized body is returned to normal. Sonic then
goes after Uncle Chuck and is able to convince him to undergo the
process. However, the process turns out to be only temporary as,
in a poignant scene, Bunnie reverts to a half-robot. When Uncle
Chuck reverts to robotic form, he captures Tails and Antoine for
delivery to Robotnik; Sonic confronts him and manages to break
the hold on Uncle Chuck's mind. Uncle Chuck returns to
Robotropolis to work as a spy for the Knothole gang.

No Brainer
Sonic's thought processes are temporarily scrambled while on a
mission in Robotropolis. Taking advantage of the situation,
Snively convinces Sonic that they are friends. The disruption
wears off just as the Knothole gang face imminent capture.

Blast to the Past (two parts)
Dulcy takes Sonic and Sally to a floating island where they use
the Time Stones to return to Mobotropolis on the eve of the
planet's conquest by Dr. Robotnik (then known as Julian,
affiliated with the War Ministry and supposedly in charge of its
dismantling). They also encounter themselves as 5-year-olds and
learn that it was Sonic's Uncle Chuck who had perfected the
roboticizer process in the first place, though Julian/Robotnik
stole the process. Sally and Sonic work to keep their child
selves from being roboticized, to prevent the Great Forest from
being destroyed, and to make sure that Sally's nanny, Rosie,
would not get captured.

Fed Up With Antoine/Ghost Busted (back to back episodes)
Feeling unappreciated, Antoine allows himself to be made "king"
by a group of renegades, unaware that with the office comes the
"honor" of being an entree./While out camping, Sonic's ghost
story panics Tails, and Antoine once more demonstrates his

Dulcy begins having overpowering urges to fly to Dragonsnest, a
nesting site for female dragons. She, Sonic and Sally, arrive
just as Robotnik has captured another female dragon; they then
discover the dragon's egg inside Dragonsnest. Taking the egg
back to Knothole, they rescue the female dragon who returns in
time to hatch the egg.

The Void
Sonic discovers an opening to the Void while out in the "Great
Unknown" [another name for the Forbidden Zone?]. Sally and
Bunnie are put under a spell and pulled into the Void by a
sorcerer named Naugus, who had been imprisoned there years before
by Robotnik and who needs Sonic's speed to escape. Sonic learns
what has happened from Nicole and allows himself to be pulled
into the Void. Attempting to rescue Sally and Bunnie, he is
tricked into rescuing what he thinks is Sally's father but is
really Naugus. Sonic returns to the Void and finds not only
Sally and Bunnie but the King and Ari as well. He brings them
all out, but Naugus and the King have spent so much time in the
Void that their bodies cannot handle living on Mobius. Naugus
breaks off his tormenting of Robotnik, and Sally's father gives
her the list of other resistance groups. On the whole, Sally
goes through the emotional rollercoaster ride of her life.

The Odd Couple/Ro-Becca (back to back episodes)
After a crash landing by Dulcy leaves Sonic homeless he moves in
with Antoine, who predictably gets bent out of shape by Sonic's
lifestyle./Rotor cobbles together a robot which develops the hots
for Antoine.

Cry of the Wolf
The Knothole freedom fighters search for and discover the Wolf
Pack, the remnants of an ancient race who are now one of the
other resistance groups. After several unsuccessful attempts to
destroy a test pod from the Doomsday Project, Sonic draws it into
a lightning storm and destroys it.

Drood Henge
Sonic and Tails discover an archaeological dig by Robotnik; they
learn from Nicole that the object of the search is the Deep Power
Stones, and that Robotnik has recovered one of the two. Tails
comes up with a plan to retrieve the second stone before Robotnik
can get to it.

On the eve of final preparations of the Doomsday project,
Robotnik begins to suspect that there is a spy in his midst.
Uncle Chuck's cover is blown, but he escapes capture and goes
back underground with a different cover.

In the season finale, a combined force of the five freedom
fighter groups tries to destroy the Doomsday project. Robotnik,
however, seems to have too many safeguards built in. As a last
resort, Sonic and Sally use the Deep Power Stones. The Doomsday
project is destroyed; Robotnik's fate is uncertain but Snively is
ready to step into his shoes in a burst of megalomania and
overacting. Cliffhanger: who or what does Snively have to help
him? We'll never know: ABC chose not to run StH for a third

     SONIC: Jaleel White
     SALLY: Kath Soucie
     NICOLE: Kath Soucie (uncredited)
     TAILS: Bradley Pierce
     BUNNIE: Christine Cavanaugh
     ANTOINE: Rob Paulsen
     ROTOR: Mark Ballou (1st season)
                    Cam Brainard (2d season)
     DULCY: Cree Summer Franks
     UNCLE CHUCK: William Windom
     ROBOTNIK: Jim Cummings
     SNIVELY: Charlie Adler

     (First season):
     David Doyle
     Gaille Heindenmann
     Dana Hill
     Danny Mann
     Jason Marsden
     Charlie Schlatter
     Frank Welker

     (Second season):
     Shari Belafonte: Lupee (?)
     Michael Bell: Naugus (?)
     Crystal Cooke
     Tim Curry: Sally's father; Keeper of the Time Stones
     Dave Fennoy
     Dorian Harewood
     John Kassir
     Katie Leigh
     Nancy Linari
     Victor Love
     Tahj Mowry
     Hal Rayle
     Alaina Reed Hall
     Lindsay Ridgeway
     April Winchell



#18 [Jan 1995]:
     "Wedding Bell Blues"
Robotnik gets word of Sonic and Sally's impending wedding and
plans an attack.
     "In the Still of the Night"
While trying to determine the nature of the mysterious orb (cf.
"First Star....", #17), Sally is called to the bedside of her old
mentor, Julayla, just before she dies.
     Sonicgram: includes statement that Sonic is 15, and a German
fan disses Dave Manak's artwork

Sonic: In Your Face #1 [1995]
     "Sally's Crusade: The Quest"
The orb is revealed to be a casing surrounding Nicole. Sally,
with the others in tow, searches for what turns out to be
Julayla's last testament. The significance of this document is
spelled out in a "flashforward" at the end of the story.
     "Mirror Zone"
An excuse to practice backwards lettering.
     Sonicgram: Sally's age is given as "about 15." [Note, if
you're going to guess a lady's age, guess on the low side ;-) ]
     "Tails' Tallest Tale"
Tails substitutes for Sonic, putting in an appearance at a con.
His exaggerations almost get him into trouble. Artwork by

#19 [Feb 1995]:
     "Night of a Thousand Sonics"
In order to defeat Robotnik's latest scheme, Sonic has to call in
as many versions of himself from as many parallel universes as he
can. Artwork by Manak for the first half, Mawhinney for the
     Sonicgram: The name of Sally's father is given as "King
Acorn" (but see FAQ #5). Scott Fulop hedges on when Knuckles
will make an appearance and whose side he'll be on. Again, Sally
is identified as a "ground squirrel." Hint is dropped as to a
Sonic motion picture in the works.

#20 [Mar 1995]:
     "That's the Spirit"
Exposure to an antimatter explosion renders Sonic invisible;
Sally and the others [Tails being the exception] believe he is
dead. The comedic pacing and Manak's artwork mar what otherwise
might have been a very poignant story. Great line (Sonic to
Robotnik--who thinks he's dealing with a ghost): "Give Mobius
back to the freedom fighters, lose weight and get a hairpiece!"
     "Deadliest of the Species"
[Prologue to the Princess Sally miniseries]
While on a sabotage mission, Sally is confronted by someone
claiming to be part of a rebel underground.
     Sonicgram: Once again lists Sally's age as 15.

#21 [Apr 1995]:
     "3 Phases of E.V.E"
Pat Spaziante debuts as a story artist. Robotnik unleashes
E.V.E. ["exceptionally versatile evolvoid"] to capture Sonic. As
Sonic manages to outsmart E.V.E., it simply adapts to another
form to compensate. Sonic lures it to Robotnik's headquarters
where, assuming a self-conscious form, E.V.E. determines that it
is being held back by its biological inheritance from Sonic and
Robotnik [i.e., individual cells used in E.V.E.'s creation].
E.V.E. toasts Robotnik, but thanks to some quick thinking by
Sonic--apparently, Sally's influence is rubbing off on him ;-) --
E.V.E. spares Sonic and travels out into space on a journey of
self-actualization. Is Robotnik really history? That's the
tease--stay tuned, probably until after the Sally miniseries.
     Sonicgram: announcement of the delay in rolling out the
Sally miniseries; another special issue (48pp) due out in May.


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     Michael Teitelbaum, _Sonic the Hedgehog_ (c)1993; _Sonic the
Hedgehog: Robotnik's Revenge_ (c)1994; _Sonic the Hedgehog:
Fortress of Fear_ (c)1994: Mahwah, New Jersey: Troll Associates.

_Sonic the Hedgehog_ synopsis:

_Sonic the Hedgehog: Robotnik's Revenge_ synopsis: one of the
Knothole freedom fighters is captured by Robotnik and used as
bait to lure Sonic into a trap. In this case, the victim is
Bunnie, and the story supposedly explains how she came to be
partially roboticized. This account is at odds with the
explanation in the comics. In addition, both Uncle Chuck and
Muttski in this book has been successfully deroboticized, which
conflicts with "Sonic Conversion" and, in fact, the rest of the
second season.

_Sonic the Hedgehog: Fortress of Fear_ synopsis:


     Martin Adams, _Sonic the Hedgehog and the Silicon Warriors_
(c)1993; _Sonic the Hedgehog in Castle Robotnik_ (c)1994; _Sonic
the Hedgehog in the Fourth Dimension_ (c)1993; _Sonic the
Hedgehog in Robotnik's Laboratory_ (c)1993: London: Virgin.

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