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Scott Shaw! Worked on about a gazillion 1970's and '80's Hanna-Barbera
animated series, including Camp Candy, Ed Grimley and (to this day) the
Flinstones Fruity Pebbles commercials. Scott has drawn comic books featuring
many animation characters, including Hanna-Barbera characters. Scott has
also done many underground comics, and he was the co-creator and main
penciller on DC Comics' "Capt. Carrot & The Zoo Crew." Scott has also
 released an "Oddball Comics" trading card set, featuring some of the
wackiest comic book covers ever published (there were so many comic
publishers in the '40s and '50s that a slew of inane and ridiculous material
was published). This card set was based on his ever-popular annual slide
show presentation at the San Diego Convention. Scott is a respected member
of the animation and comic book communities.

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