time travel (wuz chili dogs & friends)

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Date: Thu, 09 Mar 1995 00:25:19 +0500

>>And what about the magic of Mobius, such as the Time
> I've always had this bad feeling about time travel. It's either possible
>or impossible. If it was possible, wouldn't people be coming back into time
>and visiting us? Eventually, time machines will be sold in 7-11s like
>batteries and anybody could use one. By that time, all the psycos would've
>gone back in time and screwed the human race to extinction. There is only
>one scenario that I can think of were time travel is possible: the government
>became so powerful that it can monitor every move we make. This way, nobody
>can use their time machines other than their most trusted politicians.
> -B.B.

"Most trusted politicians" - HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
That is the BEST oxymoron I've heard in a LONG time....

About time travel:
As far as Modern Physics may dictate our understanding of time travel, it
would be impossible (remember Sally: "time travel violates all the laws of
However, it is possible to slow time down using Einstein's theory of
Consider a mother of age 25, with a daughter age 2. If the mother goes into
space (in a rocket) & travels at 99% of the speed of light for 30 years,
when she returns
to Earth, she will have aged 4 years, while her daughter will have aged 30!
The mother is 3 yrs. younger than her daughter!
(I didn't bother to put the equations in...they are tedious & boring - if
you don't believe me, send me an E-mail and I'll send 'em to ya :) )

That is the closest thing there is to "time travel" in our universe (as we
understand it today) , but since there is still so much unexplained
evidence of what we don't know, one may not rule out the possibility...

This is the reason why "magic" portrayed in Sonic could in fact be
real...it isn't really "magic", it is just not understood by the amazed

Another example: immagine a scientist traveling back in time to the dark
let's say he/she demonstrated the use of a magnet to the people of that
time. What would the likely result be? Simple - a mob of people screaming
"WITCH" & crying out to kill the "magican" who was obviously a servent of
Lucifer. We today can't fully relate to how those people might have felt to
see such a "strange" occurrence. -
but we CAN relate to what the future will eventually bring- more "magic"

You might also remember that one of the 1st season shows had a magician who
took Sonic's speed away - By using the electronic belt he was wearing!

Remember:magic is only an illusion - and usually only the magician knows the

(I'm just trying to show that Mobius could in fact be a future Earth - I
feel like the only one, though)

***I belive T.V. is very educational...whenever someone turns
   on the T.V., I go into the next room and read a good book.***
Jeffrey Pegnato

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