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From: Dan Drazen <>
Date: Tue, 7 Mar 1995 09:02:21 -0500 (EST)

>I just saw "Heads or Tails" for the 1st time today...I was wondering if anyone
> knows WHY the artwork is so much different from the other shows? In fact,
> it wasn't just the artwork...the whole episode seemed like a flashback to
> (dare I say it) the weekday show. The plot was more "fluff" than
> action/adventure,
> and I found myself very disgusted with the poor artwork...yes, poor artwork.
> I don't
> mind change, but I HATE a change for the worse.
> The characters looked younger, and the general dialogue concetrated
> on setting and exposition of the characters... (Was this the first episode
> ever?)

Struck me the same way, too.

Then again, that whole first season was kind of...shaky. You knew they
had characters and a premise, but you felt that they were unsure what to
do with them. This state of affairs was reflected in the fact that they
used a different writer(s) EVERY WEEK! Guarantees that things will be a
little uneven. For me, there were only a few eps that stood up on their
own: Sonic and Sally (by the second season team of Allee and Hurst) and
Sonic's Nightmare come to mind.

> Here's hoping for a future contract renewal...I miss the show already.

This may be a chance to confirm some scuttlebutt concerning why Sonic
got axed:

According to one source, who says he read it on r.a.a, it turns out that
DiC supposedly put some Sonic cels on the market, an action at which
Sega took umbrage (can you say "anal retentive?"). Words were
exchanged, and that's why Sonic didn't get renewed.

This makes for a good story, but I'm enough of a skeptic to have my
doubts. Besides, I have the responsibility of doing quality control on
a FAQ File. So before I go putting an account of the incident in the
file, I need a source, preferably in print. Let me know if it's out

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