Heads or Tails

From: Jeffrey Pegnato <jpegnato_at_vt.edu>
Date: Mon, 06 Mar 1995 23:15:50 +0500

I just saw "Heads or Tails" for the 1st time today...I was wondering if anyone
knows WHY the artwork is so much different from the other shows? In fact,
it wasn't just the artwork...the whole episode seemed like a flashback to
(dare I say it) the weekday show. The plot was more "fluff" than
and I found myself very disgusted with the poor artwork...yes, poor artwork.
 I don't
mind change, but I HATE a change for the worse.
     The characters looked younger, and the general dialogue concetrated
on setting and exposition of the characters... (Was this the first episode
     Here's hoping for a future contract renewal...I miss the show already.


***I belive T.V. is very educational...whenever someone turns
   on the T.V., I go into the next room and read a good book.***
Jeffrey Pegnato

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