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> I kinda suspected they were Knuckle's eyes. That's how they kept doing the
> ads for Sonic 3. Besides... We have't seen him either in the TV show.
> Is it me or did Snivley curl his eyebrows after coming out of hiding?
Okay, I'm feeling kinda sat 'bout this, and am prob'ly refusing to accept
reality, but has there been any OFFICIAL word as whether or not StH will
appear next season?

I know some of us have seen various articles and posts saying the worst, but
I was just wonderin' if ABC, DiC, or anybody else involved with the program
had mentioned anything.

Switching subjects (slightly) here, I'm remembering that message that someone
forwarded from r.a.a that was by one of the guys involved with the afternoon
cartoon. It said that they did the whole she-bang in one year and apparently
have not done anything since.

Just for debate, I would think that creating a show in such a manner ought
to make it better, story-wise. I mean, you start out knowing exactly how
many episodes there'll be, so you go about writing the story, start, middle,
finish, sorta like one long mini-series. Then, in case you do in fact go
back to the studio, you can leave one little exit in the final episode to
continue with.

I believe this is how the original TMNT syndicated series was written, since
there actually were characters that came and went recurringly (assuming
you could find a TV station that would play them in order!), but apparently
this was not the case for TAoStH.

Again, just for debate, I ask the question: What went wrong?

Well, you said it was a little quiet!

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