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Date: Mon, 6 Mar 1995 09:48:44 -0500 (EST)

On Sun, 5 Mar 1995, Fred Sloniker wrote:

> Well, we could theorize about what those glowing red eyes at the end of
> "The Doomsday Project" were supposed to be attached to. Personally, I'm
> kinda fond of them being some version of MetalSonic's, if only because he
> hadn't been seen in the cartoon...

I don't know. The first time I saw them (and the second time too) they
looked familiar. Then I realized. Some of the promotional artwork for
Sonic 3 had Knuckles hiding in a bush, with just his eyes showing. The
eyes were _exactly_ the same shape as the eyes on Doomsday. My theory is
that they planned to intro Knuckles in the third season.

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> "Jean-Luc! What on *earth* are you doing to Wesley?"

Thank you. I almost just hurled my breakfast on my keyboard. :)
(*Mmmppphhh!* Chunkage Contained.)

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