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> Spoilers ahead:
> >Doomsday
> I saw this again today, and thought I'd offer my comments:
> 1. Did Robotnik want to _control_ the planet, or _destroy_ it with
> those pods?

Madness takes its toll. The answer, however illogical, is both. Control
what you can, and destroy that which you can't.

> 2. One scene showed the pods as metal frames which were then dipped in
> some evil goop, then emerged as fully complete mechanisms. Huh?

Biotechnology, or at least, nanites.

> 3. A little _too_ convenient how the other teams were all captured...

The Redshirt Syndrome strikes again! (cf: Star Trek)

> 4. When S&S first joined the stones, I was kind of hoping for a "deus
> ex machina" ending like that of "The Secret of NIMH", but it didn't
> quite make it (although it was still nice). It ended up reminding me
> more of the end of "Animalympics" - "I can run forever if we can run
> together!"

Nothing quite like the Power of Love... ;)

> 5. So how long will that charge from the stones last, anyway? :^)
> (And what happened to them?)

We'll never know.... (cf #6...)

> 6. I _still_ can't believe it's been cancelled :^(

This is news to me... :(

> OK, here are a couple:
> #22 [May 1995]
> "The Return", written by Ken Penders, art by Pat Spaziante & Harvey M.
> The story opens on S&S MWC (Sonic & Sally, Married With Children), but
> this turns out to be the (supposedly) alternate Mobius seen in the "In
> Your Face Special #1". S&S are out with the kids one day when an
> apparition of Robotnik appears then vanishes. We then cut to a
> satellite where Robotnik materializes and finds himself facing a video
> image of a roboticized version of himself: on this Mobius, Robotnik
> roboticized himself but still lost the "final battle" and uploaded his
> mind to a satellite he had been constructing. Unfortunately it wasn't
> complete so all he can do is wait for his sytems to run down.


Reminds me of the DC Alternate Universes, specificly the one where
Superman and Lois Lane marry and actually have a daughter- Superlass...
(_at_ early-mid 1970's)


> This issue also contains a some fan art; two pics of Sally & Bunnie
> (both NBD), and another one of Sally as a dominatrix (by a 13-year-old,
> no less - sheesh...)

[someone grins in the background...]

> I _do_ like the direction the comic's going; if it keeps up, it will be
> (almost) as good as having the show...

I wish I'd known about these comics much earlier- I'd be a bit more
involved... (Same goes for the show...)


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