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Spoilers ahead:



I saw this again today, and thought I'd offer my comments:

1. Did Robotnik want to _control_ the planet, or _destroy_ it with
those pods?

2. One scene showed the pods as metal frames which were then dipped in
some evil goop, then emerged as fully complete mechanisms. Huh?

3. A little _too_ convenient how the other teams were all captured...

4. When S&S first joined the stones, I was kind of hoping for a "deus
ex machina" ending like that of "The Secret of NIMH", but it didn't
quite make it (although it was still nice). It ended up reminding me
more of the end of "Animalympics" - "I can run forever if we can run

5. So how long will that charge from the stones last, anyway? :^)
(And what happened to them?)

6. I _still_ can't believe it's been cancelled :^(


OK, here are a couple:

#22 [May 1995]

"The Return", written by Ken Penders, art by Pat Spaziante & Harvey M.

The story opens on S&S MWC (Sonic & Sally, Married With Children), but
this turns out to be the (supposedly) alternate Mobius seen in the "In
Your Face Special #1". S&S are out with the kids one day when an
apparition of Robotnik appears then vanishes. We then cut to a
satellite where Robotnik materializes and finds himself facing a video
image of a roboticized version of himself: on this Mobius, Robotnik
roboticized himself but still lost the "final battle" and uploaded his
mind to a satellite he had been constructing. Unfortunately it wasn't
complete so all he can do is wait for his sytems to run down.

"Our" Robotnik assures him he will "evolve to the next level" (huh?)
and gets him to send him back to the "real" Mobius where it turns out
Snively has accidentally activated another version of Doomsday where
Robotnik would have Mobius destroyed if he ever lost. (Note that in
the resulting battle Antoine exclaims "Mon Dieu!" - such language in a
children's comic...) Robotnik arrives back just in time to shut down
"Operation Wasteland" mainly to keep the robots from destroying the
place and leaving him nothing to rule, but he also uses this as a
chance to shake up Sonic by noting that Sonic owes his life to
Robotnik. At the end both sides realize they're at yet another
stalemate and the battle will continue another day...

"Tails' Knighttime Story!", written by Angelo Decesare, art by Dave
Manak & John Dagastino

Tails is grumbling about Sonic's life being "non-stop fun and
excitement" while he "mostly stay[s] here and get[s] "baby-sat"".
Sally tells him a story with Sonic as a knight and Tails as his page to
illustrate the saying "never wish to be someone else until you have
fought a battle in his armor", but it doesn't quite work - Tails gets
the idea to borrow Sonic's sneakers so he can "really play Sonic".

Funny scene in the story Sally tells Tails: "and he watched as Sir
Runalot won the hearts of the fairest maidens on Mobius!" - shows Sonic
in knight's armor on a moonlit bench holding Sally's hand (dressed in
maiden's costume) saying to Tails in page's clothes: "Yo! How about
some privacy?" Tails gets an embarrassed grin and replies "Sorry,
boss!", with beads of sweat running down his forehead... :^)

Princess Sally Mini-series #1 [April 1995]

"Deadliest of the Species!", written by Mike Kanterovich & Ken
Penders, Art by Art Mawhinney and Rich Koslowski.

Opens with a nice spash page summarizing the struggle so far and
describes the main characters (get this: "Antoine is renowned for his
military skills" - okayyyy...). Next it recaps Sally's meeting
Geoffrey St. John (a skunk) in StH #20.

Sally & Geoffrey are attacked by SWATbots after destroying the facility
and manage to beat them off and exchange some banter in the process (I
can't call it friendly, but it's not really sarcastic either). They
then head back to the camp where some young trainee-freedom fighters
are waiting for Sally. Geoffrey mistakes them for enemies and jumps
the pig (Hamlin) but they're separated by Sally. However, this
establishes some bad blood between Hamlin and Geoffrey that continues
all issue.

The team proceeds to its next target (an energy substation) and after
battling SWATbots and ORB-bots, manages to destroy it. During the
battle Geoffrey saves Hamlin's life, but he still doesn't trust him.
And maybe with good reason, since that night, when everybody else is
asleep, Geoffrey slips away, activates a teleportal, enters some kind
of building and descends into its basement, where he says to a figure
sleeping in a glass case: "Soon, m'luv... soon!" The sleeping figure
is seen to be Sally???

This issue also contains a some fan art; two pics of Sally & Bunnie
(both NBD), and another one of Sally as a dominatrix (by a 13-year-old,
no less - sheesh...)

I _do_ like the direction the comic's going; if it keeps up, it will be
(almost) as good as having the show...


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