Some info on Sonic TV series.

From: Michael Kraft <>
Date: Wed, 1 Mar 95 16:10:37 EST

I got this from someone on rec.arts.animation.

I wrote for the weekday 'Adventures of...". We did the writing for those
about two years ago -- all 64 episodes done in one season. The weekend
Sonic, I believe, was written over the course of at least a couple of
seasons, and I have to admit, I've only actually watched one or two episodes
from that series. The story editors of the ABC show didn't want to work with
the syndicated crew (which actually was done first) because they didn't want
to new show to be influenced by ours.

As far as the future of the ABC Sonic, I have no idea. Haven't been keeping
up with the folks at DiC (I'm a freelancer and have been working elsewhere
the last couple of years.)

Anyway, gotta speed keed!


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