Inssue #22 is out.

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Date: Wed, 01 Mar 95 13:06:57

Ok sonic fans, issue #22 is out and it throws more curves the the baseball
strike. First off, A few story idea's have been hinted at. Like how
tails meet and what happend to sonic's mother. Also, is it possable for our 2
tailed "Happy fun fox" to get his own mini-series? Well, it looks like if a lot
of poeple write in and ask for it, it will happen. Also, they once again give
ages and they say that sonic and sally are about 15 (a bit off from the show.)
They also say that tails is 5 years old. (once again, a bit off from the show
which says his age is 10. What do you all think? I think we should all write to
archie and tell them "YES! We want a tails mini-series." Also, I miss the
corner boxes on the cover of the comic. Who else misses it? Well, thats if for
now. issue #22 just cam out today in chicago so it may not be out everywhere
just yet but keep

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