Re: Put Happy Fun Fox in the credits!

From: Dan Drazen <>
Date: Wed, 1 Mar 1995 12:50:31 -0500 (EST)

The windup:

> On Wed, 1 Mar 1995, Paul Gettle wrote:
> > Ooohhh. Now that's a good idea. Saturday Night Live might try to sue Sega
> > for copyright infringemnet though. Probably not.
> Saturday Night Live? What are you talking about? I thought "Happy Fun Fox"
> was just something you guys made up.

And the pitch:

The HFF phrase is based on an SNL mock commercial for "Super Happy Fun
Ball" -- the joke was that the "commercial" consisted of about 10
seconds of advertisement for a toy ball and about 90 seconds of legal
disclaimers [e.g., not to leave it out of its container, how it's being
used in the Gulf War against Iraq, etc -- which dates the commercial --
and the disclaimer: "Do not taunt Super Happy Fun Ball."].

So much for cultural history,

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