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From: Wallis, Mike <>
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 95 17:23:00 PST

Oops, I missed this after my first pass at all the messages.

>It's way past cool to have a Sega representative here less than one month
>after the list's creation.

{blush} I bet you say that to all the Sega folks... :)

>> Did you know that here at Corporate we have these life-size (I'm
>> renditions of Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles? These aren't plush, they're
>> of hard plastic, but they look pretty good (especially Tails). I'll see
>> I can take a picture of them some time, scan it in and send it out to the

>> List.

>It would make sense that you would want to have model-models and/or model
>sheets for your artists. I've got a photo of a silent-era Felix the Cat
>model-model. How big is your Sonic? We know from the cartoon (forgot
>which episode) that Sonic is about 3'2".

These aren't really artist models, they are just for corporate promos---the
larger retailers get them, we have 'em in our company store, and outside of
our main reception area. These big guys (life-size?) are just for fun.
Sonic is around 4 feet tall. Maybe a few inches taller. Knuckles is the
same size, while Tails is around 8-12 inches shorter.

>Do they serve a lot of chili dogs in the employee cafeteria? (G)

{grin} Well, no... We don't have an employee cafeteria. Why not? I have
no idea... Probably because that's all they'd serve! :)


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