Sonic Hedgehog NO MORE?!

From: Shawn Wolski <n5una_at_MAIL.UTEXAS.EDU>
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 1995 18:17:36 -0600

That's it! I'm going to try and get all the shows that I can
tape in the remaining amount of time that the show will
still be on ABC. DIC made a mando bad move, to quote
a phrase.

On the other hand, there ARE big gaps in time between
shows (BTW, I have yet to see of anything like how much
time was ACTUALLY represented in the show, they don't
have stardates for a time reference). It's time for the writers
(us) to fill in the time gaps. Hey, it worked for the original
ST shows and movies. Let's see about that.

Oh, before I forget, I'll see about getting "The Temporal Syndrome:
Part 2" out. I know that some people may have been drooling for a
continuation on what I've already contributed. The wait will not be
for long now!

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