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I've not posted a lot of administrivia to the list, so please take a few
moments to get (re-)acquainted with these points about the list's charter.

This document is intended to be a short treatment of the subject rather
than a comprehensive -- and boring -- list of rules. The list is not
moderated so that you can always feel free to express your opinions and
have them heard in a timely manner, but it's also up to each one of you
to stay "on-topic". We've not had a flamewar yet, so all of you are
doing something right.

Please send questions or commentaries directly to or


In 1994, before this list began, most of the Sonic discussions other
than requests for codes took place in rec.arts.animation (a logical
place) and (a bit off-topic there). The list
has seen about 400 messages in its first three weeks, making it a
much more active (and more interesting) place for net.freedom-fighters.

This list is intended to provide an outlet for discussion of the whole
range of Sonic characters, stories, comics, and TV. During the list's
initial development, the consensus of those responding to the original
Request For Discussion (RFD) document posted to rec.arts.animation was
that the Sonic games by Sega were adequately represented by the two
Sega newsgroups.

Sonic's debut was in the games, and some discussion of them is inevitable
and even desirable. Here are a few examples of game-related topics that
fit within the list's purpose; they are -- and have been -- welcome here.

   * Comparisons of characters. Who is in the games but not in the
     comic and/or cartoon -- and why? What's different between what the
     characters do or how they are presented (like Tails/Miles Prower's
     name and age).

   * Data for use in the merchandise list, such as brief game descriptions
     and announcements of new games and game accessories. When posting
     this information, please include the manufacturer's name and (if not
     Sega) mailing address.

   * Anything in or about the games that helps to clarify setting or plot
     points that are unclear or undeveloped in the comic or cartoon.

   * The primary focus of game-related messages posted to the list should
     be characters and/or the Sonic story, not the game itself (merchandise
     list submissions excepted).

These topics are not within the list's purpose and should not be posted
here. List subscribers interested in these topics are referred to the
"Other Internet Resources" section of the list's introductory text which
is sent upon subscribing.

   * Codes and cheats that can be used in the games, and requests for

   * Game rules and playing tips, and requests for them.

   * Requests to buy, sell, or trade games and game accessories.

   * Descriptions of games that focus on the game itself and do not
     expand on information known about the characters or the story
     of Sonic and Mobius, unless it is a submission for the Sonic
     merchandise list.

This is "borderline" but will be permitted within reasonable limits:

   * What a character does when playing a Sonic game in a fan-written
     story. This should only be used to the extent necessary to
     develop the story.

The Sonic mailing list is very active for its rather small size.
Let's keep it busy, on-track, and flame-free.

Erich Schulman (KTN4CA)
Team OS/2
Sonic List Manager

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