Re: perv images

From: Jeffrey Pegnato <>
Date: Mon, 20 Feb 1995 17:17:03 +0500

>I made the perv directory, as a warning sign. I don't have anything against
>perv stuff, but it is a public ftp site...

Good idea.

>I don't like low-quality furry images (the 16 color dot-dithered ones), but I
>could make a directory if people like that sort of thing.

That's up to you.(obviously) I think there are already enough furry sites out
there, but another couldn't hurt. You may just want to keep with the theme-
allow "perv" files, but keep them with only Sonic characters...otherwise, furry
fans will flood your incoming dir. which may cause problems in the long run.
(talking from experience)

The one pic that's there now is great!(IMO) I have a few on my system
that I will upload, but I'll wait for a final decision on what type of files
you will allow before I do...

Who has the "largest collection of Sonic art" ? I vaguely remember someone
bragging about this, but I can't remeber now who or where - could someone
re-post the address (WWW or FTP)?
Gotta juice...

Well, that's my two cents (and you get what you pay for) ;)
Jeffrey Pegnato

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