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From: Erich Schulman (KTN4CA) -- Team OS/2 <"Erich>
Date: Mon, 20 Feb 1995 14:12:31 -0500 (EST)

On Mon, 20 Feb 1995, Robin Hood wrote:

> > Does everyone here have access to alt.* groups? Or does anyone's site
> > carry only "selected" alt.* groups?
> Sadly, no. Georgia Tech does not carry any alt. groups, although I do
> have access, using the laUNChpad network at North Carolina. You can imagine
> how slow that can be, tho'.

I, for one, can. As I said, I can participate in a Sonic alt.* group
over my Nyx account, but that's too slow for me to use more than once
every 2-3 weeks. It takes 6 minutes(!) just for nn to start up.

If you think a Nyx account is worthwhile for yourself, just telnet to and login as new. Complete the verification procedure and,
if desired, request access to binaries groups.

USIT probably would pick up a.f.s-h, but will they ever fix whatever
keeps me from posting to non-local groups....? I've not been able to
post to newsgroups from USIT for three weeks.

I said in alt.config (from Delphi, of course) that I would find out if
anyone on the list would have trouble accessing this group, if created.
I'll wait a bit longer for results and post them.

> Don't get me wrong, I think an alt. group is a great idea. I just hope
> the creators of it keep in mind that not everybody is going to be able
> to read it conveniently, if at all.

I hope so too. Even if I could be certain of no problems myself, I know
that several people on the list have limited 'net access. One of my
brothers (not subscribed) only gets mail and read/post privileges for
about 30 or so newsgroups.

The proposal said the group would supplement or replace the mailing
list. Which it turns out to be is up to us.

If this group is created, would anyone be willing to capture the messages
for the list users? I assume most list users will be able to access the
group, so I'd suggest making the captures available on a short- or
long-term basis at the ftp site and/or majordomo. I know that the
now-defunct utpapa site at once stored archives of so maybe we can do something similar.

Erich Schulman (KTN4CA)
Team OS/2

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