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Date: Sat, 18 Feb 1995 02:31:02 -0500 (EST)

> Again, I would if I could. Unfortunately, KOMO (the local ABC affiliate)
> has been yanking my chain about when/if they show Sonic (they tend to
> show that dreadful Cryptkeeper cartoon instead), so I've only seen a few
> episodes and have none on tape. Someone offered to send someone else a
> copy of all the episodes when he had his collection complete, and I asked
> him to do the same for me; though I haven't heard back from him, maybe he
> could provide them for you? (They'd be NTSC, of course, but I understand
> it's easier to find NTSC VCRs in Europe than PAL ones in America...)
I believe the person who offered this was David Pistone in response to
my "intro" post. I e-mailed him to, but have yet to hear from him (aside
from his posts to the list).

<<pitiful begging mode>>

C'mon, David, don't leave us in the dark!! Please say that you'll do this.
Pretty please...etc. etc. etc. :-) fingers crossed.

<<pitiful begging mode off>>


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