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From: Fred Sloniker <>
Date: Sun, 12 Feb 1995 21:46:03 -0800 (PST)

On Sun, 12 Feb 1995, Erich Schulman (KTN4CA) -- Team OS/2 wrote:

> Does DIC do any location planning when preparing new scripts? Or has
> Sega already done it? Ultimately, is it possible to draw a map of
> Mobius?

I couldn't say with any authority, but I suspect DIC invents new
locations as needed for the plot. As for Sega, I don't know of anything
official, but I *do* still have notes I took from the games "Sonic" and
"Sonic 2" in an attempt to construct a Sonic Zone on FurToonia (a MUSH I
(in)frequent); if anyone's interested, I'll work them up into a
topography and post them to the list for kibitzing.

Note: there is a rather large inconsistency (IMHO) between the game and
the comic/show in terms of the topography of Mobius: the area of Sonic 1
and 2 is a rather large island, but I have yet to see a show or comic
depict a lagoon, much less the ocean proper. Anyone know how, in the
comic, the crew got to Floating/Angel Island and where it was located
(was it actually out in the ocean, or just floating around in the sky, or

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