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> - Subject: Here is the epsode list (with descriptions)
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> 1: Sonic Racer
> [Sonic must race against a robotic cat]
> 2: Sonic and the Secret Scrolls
> [The Freedom Fighters explores a hidden city for special
> Scrools]
> 3: Sonic and Sally
> [Sally is kidnapped and replaced by a replica]
> 4: Ultra Sonic
> [Sonic finds Sir Charles]
> 5: Sonic Pass Cool
> [The Freedom Fighters helps migrate a herd of
> animals(?) called Terrapods.
> 6: Sonic's Nightmare
> [Sonic is disturbed by constant nightmares.]
> 7: Harmonic Sonic
> [Sonic and Roter goes into space to destroy
> a spy sat.]
> 8: Sonic Boom
> [Sally finds out more about her father]
> 9: Sub Sonic
> [The Freedom Fighters travels gunderground to stop
> giant robot snakes]
> 10: Hooked On Sonics
> [Antione tries to inpress Sally by stoping Robotnik by
> himself]
> 11: Warp Sonic
> [The Freedom Fighters finds a new group of Freedom
> Fighters]
> 12: Super Sonic
> [Sonic speed is taken from him by a wizard]
> 13: Heads or Tails
> [The very first episode for the season. Looks like
> the Sonic weekly series and the Comic.
> Not worth describing]

There must be at least one other episode in which the Freedom Fighters
meet Sonics roboticized uncle Chuck. By using a power ring uncle Chuck
regains his memory about his non-robot existence before the transformation
and helps destroying one of Robotniks machines. However, Sonic has to
leave his uncle behind because the effect of the power ring wears off
before they can escape.

This episode _might_ already been listed above, but I don't know the
title. Please check for yourself.

Who says 'Heads or Tails' isn't worth describing?? Of course this episode
has _some_ 'fun' elements like the 'hedgehog seeking missile' or the
not-so-intelligent buzzbomber robots. But apart from that, it has
_everything_ that made the sathurday morning cartoon so famous and
fascinating. This episode really is _not_ like the weekly series or the
comic, which have nothing but slapstik and horrible artwork all over.

Just my opinion - don't flame me

A. Sanasi
You get what anyone gets. You get a lifetime.

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