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Someone requested this and I recently received it from someone so here it is:

Subject: Here is the epsode list (with descriptions)
From: (storm)


1: Sonic Racer
    [Sonic must race against a robotic cat]

2: Sonic and the Secret Scrolls
    [The Freedom Fighters explores a hidden city for special

3: Sonic and Sally
    [Sally is kidnapped and replaced by a replica]

4: Ultra Sonic
    [Sonic finds Sir Charles]

5: Sonic Pass Cool
    [The Freedom Fighters helps migrate a herd of
     animals(?) called Terrapods.

6: Sonic's Nightmare
    [Sonic is disturbed by constant nightmares.]

7: Harmonic Sonic
    [Sonic and Roter goes into space to destroy
     a spy sat.]

8: Sonic Boom
    [Sally finds out more about her father]

9: Sub Sonic
    [The Freedom Fighters travels gunderground to stop
     giant robot snakes]

10: Hooked On Sonics
    [Antione tries to inpress Sally by stoping Robotnik by

11: Warp Sonic
    [The Freedom Fighters finds a new group of Freedom

12: Super Sonic
    [Sonic speed is taken from him by a wizard]

13: Heads or Tails
    [The very first episode for the season. Looks like
     the Sonic weekly series and the Comic.
     Not worth describing]


1: Game Guy
    [Sonic is tricked into Robotnic's hands by a
     new freedom fighter]

2: Sonic Conversion
    [The Freedom Fighters creates a de-robotizer.]

3: No Brainer
    [Sonic loses his memory]

4: Blast to the Past: Part 1
    [Sonic and Sally travel back in time to
     stop Robotnic's coup.]

5: Blast to the Past: Part 2
    [Continuing from part one]

6: Trouble With Antione/Ghost Busted
    (Two 15 min shows featuring Antione and Tails)
    [In Trouble With Antione, the title says it all.
     In Ghost Busted, Tails gets nightmares after being
     told a ghost story.]

7: Dulcy
    [Dulcy get strange dreams of her own]

8: The Void
    [Sally finally meets her father]

9: The Odd Couple/Ro-Becca
    (Two 15 min shows featuring Antione)
    [In the Odd Couple, Sonic moves in with Antione after
     his hut was recked by Dulcy.
     In Ro-Becca, Roter's robot have a crush on Antione.]

10: Cry of the Wolf
    [The Freedom Fighters meet a pack of wolves]

11: Drood Henge
    [The Freedom Fighters goes in search of two special

12: Spyhog
    [Sir Charles' cover is blown]

13: The Doomsday Project
    [The final episode...]


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