Sally's Vest

From: Robert Haynie <>
Date: Wed, 8 Feb 1995 05:03:31 GMT

Well, previous poster dilikes Sally's vest. I like it, and it makes a
practical sense. In "Sonic -- In your Face!" she makes the simple and
intelligent observation, "I always wanted pockets." Now, is it fair for
your focusing on her corpus for her to go unpocketed?

    On a variant topic-- How many (probably many) have noticed that in
the comics, Bunnie Rabbot's whole lower torso is roboticised, but in the
show, either it is flesh still or she wears a leortard from false
modesty? (The latter is unlikely, since all Sally wears is boots and
the aforementioned vest.) Any ideas on the continuity theories there?
(Maybe she wears chrome trunks in the comic. Hey, It's been done
before. Pick up anything from Image. (: )

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