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Here comes a voice list...

Also, There is someone who is currently working on a Sonic FAQ
(by the name of Dan Drazen) so any and all info. that anyone might find useful
for the FAQ should send it out... <drazen_at_andrews.edu>


%%% Sonic the Hedgehog voice list %%%

Voice talent Character
------------ ---------
Jaleel White - Sonic
    Also: Irkle from the sitcom "Family Matters"
Charlie Adler - Snively
    Also: Buster Bunny of TTA
Cam Brainard - Rotor
Mark Ballou (1st season voice)
Christine Cavanaugh - Bunnie
Jim Cummings - Robotnik
    Also: Baloo of Tale Spin
Rob Paulsen - Antoine
    Also: Yakko Warner of Animaniacs
Bradley Pierce - Tails
Kath Soucie - Sally
    Also: Fifi La Fume of TTA
Cree Summer Francks - Dulcy
    Also: Elmyra of TTA
William Windom - Uncle Chuck

~~~2nd season extras~~~

Shari Belafonte
Michael Bell
Crystal Cooke
Tim Curry - King
   Also: Bunch o' stuff
Dave Fennoy
Dorian Harewood
Alaina Reed Hall
Lindsay Ridgeway
April Winchell
John Kassir
   Also: Buster Bunny of TTA
Katie Leigh
Nancy Linari
Victor Love
Tahj Mowry
Hal Rayle

~~~1st season extras~~~

David Doyle
Gaille Heindenmann
Dana Hill
Danny Mann
Jason Marsden
Charlie Schlatter
Frank Welker

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