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Last Updated: May 3rd, 1996

WorknMan's Creed

Remember these words warriors: You have been chosen to link here and read these pages. But each of these pages poses a vital threat to the minds of the immature. Although your lives are protected from these pages, your minds may be warped if you are not old enough to handle some mature subject matter. I can not interfere any longer with 9 year olds who get on this page without parental consent. These pages have some material that might offend some and corrupt others. You have been warned. These are the words of WorknMan.

There is no humor that is not power.

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Things That Never Made It To UMK3

If Nudealities Really Existed ..

LoseNet: Fake posts

1st Fake Interview With Boon and Tobias

2nd Fake Interview With Boon and Tobias

Oral Kombat!

Snappy Anwsers To Stupid (MK3) Questions

MK3 Players Profile


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Thought For The Week:

What if every character had an anamality where they morphed into
yo mama and scared everyone out of 'da arcade.

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What's New

May 3rd ... (I apologize for the rediculous amount of time it took to update this page)



Rat (
   Provided the nudeality gif and interlaced the mksmiley gif
Oscar Shearer (
   Gave me idea for the turtle's player profile
Half Price (
   Sent me Liu Kang's and Kabal's fake endings
Ryan Berberich (
   Gave me the liar's player profile
   Created the mksmiley pic and helped me reformat several pages
   Gave me part of the helper's player profile
   Donated the Oral Kombat section
   Provided the 1st fake interview and the maverick ending on the players
   profile page.