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Date: Fri, 28 Jun 1996 11:08:21 -0500 (CDT)

>> Kris Clawson: Hey Racer, sorry to have shushed you before, but sometimes
>> it's not good to interupt Terra. What were you going to say back then?
>I was just about to comment on the great honour of being mentioned in
>what probably qualifies as fan-fic in the broadest sense for just lurking.
>Thanx :)

Hey, once we learn your name, your sunk! We add you in when we run out of
regular posters to torment. ;)
However, we might do horrible, terrible things to your character, mainly
because, since you are a lurker, we see you as meek and basically un-crazy.
DOn't get me wrong--that's probably not a bad thing. However, *I* wouldn't
know. ;) We do this to get you posting. ANd it worked!

>Racer (continues lurking)

Okay, it partly worked.

>PS : in the unlikely event of anyone not getting that reference back then:
>'Gift' in german translates to 'final fluid' or as the 'Volksmund'
>lovingly calls it : Poison.

Poison? Oh yes, that reminds me. Paul, I don't know much about cyanide,
therefore I don't like using it. THat was one of the reasons I got upset at
Kris when she said she had some cyanide. If somebody *had* to poison me,
couldn't they do it with something I'm familier with? Like absinthe and

Terra Chang
the floating
Reality Jumper
"*This* is why I hate plane 'Z'."

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