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From: Kay Chang <>
Date: Wed, 1 May 1996 16:33:55 -0500 (CDT)

>On Sun, 28 Apr 1996, LouAllen Wheeler wrote:
>>Today, I (Jedi Master LouAllen `Louie' Wheeler writes....
>>I think that that would be cool, but something really die-hard. Really
>>a driving beat. Also; if John Williams did the soundtrack for SK, with
>>the London Symphony Orchestra playing it, what would it sound like? Let
>>us wonder.....
>Hmmm, I always wanted to know what will happen if the SWAT Kats's music is
done by John Williams, or done in a orchestratrial kind of way.

Hey! Maybe i can get a part in the orchestra if it does! (I'm second chair
first violin in my school. <G>)

>>I'll do a SWATKats version of Star Wars! Yeah, that's it!
>Finally, a Star Wars story.
>BTW, I always wanted to know what will happen to the original "Caverns of
Horror" if they do it Star Wars style.
>>Edo, I'll send you a copy when I'm done. Or I'll
>>send it to Maxie. Or if that doesn't work, I'll send a copy to Terra,
>>who might post it to Maxie for me.
>Why don't you just post the story to me, Max, and Terra?

Yeah, that would be a good idea. That way, in case I can't, Edo can send it,
if he can't, I probably can, and if you send it to Max, well, then me and
Edo both get our very own personal copies of your story!! <G>

>Edo Andromedo email :
>"Be seeing you!"

Terra Chang

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