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>-> Edo Andromedo wrote:
>-> >
>-> > OK, let suppose that a third season will be in the make. What will
>-> he intro to be?
>-> Obviously, Queen inspirate. Rock'n Roll!!
>-> --

 If I were to create a second opening, I'd play the second season in reverse
with a few changes. You should hear it. It hardly sounds reversed at all.

>Today, I (Jedi Master LouAllen `Louie' Wheeler writes....
>I think that that would be cool, but something really die-hard. Really
>a driving beat.

Something that knocks you out of your seat

  Also; if John Williams did the soundtrack for SK, with
>the London Symphony Orchestra playing it, what would it sound like? Let
>us wonder.....

Symphony? Yohan Bach? What a concept!


>A long time ago--I mean Not to long ago--Crud! Well, sometime other
>than this, on a planet far, far away.....

Well lewt's see... How about 581 years into the future.

> It is a time of desperation for the citizens of MegaKat City, as the
>Evil Kat Empire (DK, Viper, etc.,) reeling from the destruction of the
>most terrible weapon known to Kat-kind, the DeathDog, was destroyed in a
>valiant effort by the Alliance to Restore the Enforcers, along side of
>the SWATKats. Emperer DarkKat has ordered the Dark Lord of Time, the
>PastMaster, to find and destroy the hidden Rebel base on the ice
>continent Kloth, and to find Chance Furlong and turn him to the Dark
>Side of Haura-Fusia....

Let me see....
Year 2577 A.D. (1996 C.E.) in another dimension....

    It is a time of desperation for the citizens of MegaKat City, as the
Followers of Mybyss reeling from the destruction of the
most terrible weapon known to Kat-kind, the Ooyah Omega, obtained in a
valiant effort by the Archeivers, along side of the SWATKats and the
Cybotronic Super Squad. Essence Mybyss has ordered the Dark Lord of Time,
Aug (Archeiver), to find and destroy the hidden Light Archeivic base on the ice
planet, Maurra, and to find Chance (Monollyth) Furlong and turn him to the Dark
Side of Haura-Fusia, an organization called the Dark Archeivers.

>Let's just think about that. Jeez. I don't know why I just did that,
>and I have no idea how I came up with that storyline. Talk about on the
>spot improvising--hey, that'll be my next project! I'll do a SWATKats
>version of Star Wars! Yeah, that's it!

MINE! You play that stupid card game non stop every day! Where will all this
Ringo All- Ztarr's Warz of Morons end? <SCREAM> (I hate Ztarr Warz, as if
you didn't get my drift.)

> Oh, and by the way Ryan; don't
>bother to yell at me for this post. I've read yours.

Too late. Even I don't have to talk about SWAT Kats all my life. I may think
it all my life, but I don't nag you with the Archeivers Saga do I?

> This is
>completely on-topic. It's about SK, isn't it?


> And don't any of you
>give me that bull about 'not disgracing SK by giving it a Star Wars

They're two different ganres! Fluke Skyhopper dosn't go with T-Bone, and
Waitress Leah makes Callie look bad, at least I think.

> Hey, look at Liomrut Yrc: Cry Turmoil to a Batman: the Animated
>Series theme?

So I'm not overly obcesses about Batman. It's a Batman fanfic after all, no
matter how weak!

> Oh well. I can name at least 1 person who would LOVE
>this aside from me. Edo, I'll send you a copy when I'm done. Or I'll
>send it to Maxie. Or if that doesn't work, I'll send a copy to Terra,
>who might post it to Maxie for me. (I wouldn't trust Ryan with doin'
>anything for me that involves Ringo All- Ztarr's Warz of morons, including
posting 1 measly
>little story.....)

Well good. You give me anything of that type. I byte! (sure I'll post it,
but anything Ztarr Warz will be edited out, so expect only these words to
show up: and or but if as are was were the it if is)
(Retarded)..... To heck with this! I don't want this crud anymore!
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