Re: Biplanes & Rocket-to-Jet Conversions

From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Sun, 28 Apr 1996 15:08:52 +0700

>The most likely reason to me is probably an artistic/dramatic one. The Red
>Lynx's plane is as obsolete-looking as can be, so it should be easy to blow
>it out of the air.

Of course it's the pilot that make the plane fly and not the plane that make the pilot fly.

>We are surprised when it gives the jets a run for their
>money- something supernatural going on here!

Let them fight in the stratosphere! Let see who is the one that gonna go down first.

>BTW- if a WWII Luft-waffle (^_^) plane was
>used as a model- what would you pick?


>On another somewhat related topic: I haven't heard any hisses or howls of
>outrage from you Janes-owners on my mention of the Enforcers flying a
>jet-powered Yokosuka MXY7!

What is a jet-powered Yokosuka MXY7?! I want to see the pictures.

>but discussions of history, science, and kats are fun,
>and may be good for the young kittens here, too.

Yeah, the next thing we know, we'll be starting to talk about quantum physics.

>P.S. for you Kats that weren't up for word games yesterday- the missing
>letters could be re-arranged to spell S-O-U-L !!!! (in case that hadn't been
>mentioned before)

Hmmm.... Interesting.

>Paul Kemner

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