Biplanes & Rocket-to-Jet Conversions

From: Paul Kemner <>
Date: Sat, 27 Apr 1996 08:33:47 -0400 (EDT)

I forgot who originally said about why MWII and biplanes:
>1) Genuine ignorance of our aviation history as respects the World Wars
(highly unlikely)
>2) That perhaps the inference is that the Kats culture is somehow
inherently more
> combative than ours...
The most likely reason to me is probably an artistic/dramatic one. The Red
Lynx's plane is as obsolete-looking as can be, so it should be easy to blow
it out of the air. We are surprised when it gives the jets a run for their
money- something supernatural going on here! Plus they were on a Red
Barron/Blue Max sort of thing. BTW- if a WWII Luft-waffle (^_^) plane was
used as a model- what would you pick? Something obsolete-looking, but
menacing. A Stuka, maybe? But then they're dive bombers, not air-to-air.
Hey, you guys with the Janes- Help me out here.

On another somewhat related topic: I haven't heard any hisses or howls of
outrage from you Janes-owners on my mention of the Enforcers flying a
jet-powered Yokosuka MXY7! What's going on here, my little cherry blossoms?
And my E.R.Burroughs-JulesVerne Flying-Blimps(tm) comment brought such a
nice response! Maybe I'm being politely ignored. hmmm. I'm not trying to
start a flame war, but discussions of history, science, and kats are fun,
and may be good for the young kittens here, too.

P.S. for you Kats that weren't up for word games yesterday- the missing
letters could be re-arranged to spell S-O-U-L !!!! (in case that hadn't been
mentioned before)
Paul Kemner
my first fanfic story is now under the cold, calculating stares of the
Secret Fanfic Editors of Kat-dom!
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ignored if they don't suit me!"

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