TK: Your Tax Dollars at Work?

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>On Sun, 21 Apr 1996, Arthur John Freeda wrote:
>>Also, because you see the "Speed of heat" and such in the 2nd season, is
>>because the city paid to build the SKs a new turbokat, probably new
>>materials, and new add ons,
>How do the city help on building of the new TurboKat anyway?

They don't get into details in either episode where Manx offers to open up the
public purse, and it *does* make for some very interesting questions. I think
Manx was more or less just offering to bankroll the replacement rather than
take any active role in manufacturing one. (Hmm...seem to recall that at the
end of "Katastrophe" that Manx agrees to lend the 'Kat guys an Enforcer
jet 'till the late-lamented TK gets replaced.)

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