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Date: Tue, 23 Apr 1996 19:46:01 -0400 (EDT)

>Chance wrote:
>'Course, we'd have to come up with a suitable kat-synonym for "Peenumunde".

Yeah! I think I've finally got a good fanfic subject! I'll be doing an
interview with Herr Doktor Professor Hackle (well, a character of mine will
anyway) as part of a prequel to it.

Any help will be appreciated. In particular- I'm trying to think of names-
Peenumunde, of course, and a few other Kat names for people & places. Since
Kat countries don't parallel ours, I'm wondering what to call the equivalent
of Deutchland- or should he just refer to it as "The Fatherland?" I'll also
need the names of some other scientists that worked on the rockets- A couple
that were adopted by MegaKat city, and a couple that were adopted by 'the
other guys' "Turmoil's country?" What's the equivalent of White Sands? Clay
Litter Flats?

Prof. H. also has some opinions of his fellow MKCity scientists, but what
are their first names? I remember Harley Street, but how about Zime and
Greenbox and ... anybody else?
Paul Kemner
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