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>Hello everyone!

Hi there!

>I'm a lurker around here but, been an avid fan since the series came out.
>Anyway, onto business. I may be able to obtain some Swat Cats cels from a
>local cel dealer here in LA. They have VERY good contacts inside HB and
>are even hosting a HB party in May with some personell from the studio
>there. When she called them this past Friday they told her that the
>chances were good that they may be bringing some to the party. I'll keep
>all of you here appraised of what I can dig up.

Cool. I'm sure we'd all be interested to know what shows up. Most of
us seem more interested in the second season Mook stuff than much of
the previous, but Kat-hungry fans will likely settle for *anything* at the

Welcome to the Katslist.

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