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From: Michael J. Rider <>
Date: Sat, 20 Apr 1996 19:21:04 -0500

"Dr. Samuel Conway" <> wrote:

>Why, you little whippersnapper!!
>I oughta take a switch to your parents! I'm old enough to be your
>father, and I haven't stopped watching cartoons. I was watching
>Popeye when men walked on the moon. I was watching Scooby Doo
>when Saigon fell. The day before I was granted my doctorate, I
>watched two hours of Dinosaucers. And as I'm writing this, Felix
>the Cat is on the TV.

Hee hee heeee... and I was watching the Smurfs when the Berlin wall came

I guess you remember when the original silent Felix was first run. :)

>It amazes me that people in general still feel that cartoons are only
>for kids. Maybe it is because they've never *seen* any cartoons -- how
>could they come to that conclusion if they've seen some of the good
>stuff out there? Here I am, a bent little old man, and I still watch
>cartoons on a regular basis. Just how old am I, you ask? Ask Razor.
>He's seen me. Ask Rat. He did the Heimlich on me when I choked on my
>dentures at a conference.

That does seem to be the general attitude, at least in North America.
Maybe it's a little different in Japan.

>>Yup. I turn 22 in June....It's a great show, even at my old age.
>OLD AGE!! You're just a pup! Why, in my day.....*....zzzzzzzzzzzz

Git some rest old timer.

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