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Date: Sun, 14 Apr 1996 20:22:05 -0700

>> Which comes to my request: I'm going to work on another for next
>>years contest, could anyone get me a 8 1/2 x 11" or larger print of a screen
>>grab of the anim blur part in 2nd season opening, or the part where Razor
>>says: "Mini Cement Launchers" from Bright and Shiny....."? I need a big
>>picture so I can study it, and I dont have a color printer to print out a
>>screen grab. If you can do this, e-me at and I'll
>>give you my snail mail address.
Hmmmm....... I've had some experiance doing this. For black and whiute
drawings, you basically scribble parallel lines for the background. For
color, however, I'd reccomend artist supplies and something where you can
really mix colors. Another way could be the black and white way, and then
color each of the spaces in the lines a different color. I saw this method
in a Street Fighter manga. For stills, it looks pretty cool. Hopefully this
could help you a little, but since I can't capture television frames on my
computer, I can't help you any more than this.
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