Re: Sighting on...a World Premier Toon?

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Date: Wed, 10 Apr 1996 21:35:13 -0400

>>>Candi Milo, I think. She's one of the voice artists that I've kept an
>>>open for, but never seems to get any gigs. The fact I missed her
>>>on "Santo Bugito" surprising.
>>She played Thundra the Rainbird in two (three?) eps of "Aladdin" as

I *think* I heard the voice of that old lady kat (the one who always gets her
car towed) on one of the WPTs (I don't know the name). In "Pizza Boy" she was
the lady eskimo. It took me 'til the end of the short to place the voice;
but, oh well...

Melissa Anne
Deja Vu! The date of April 20th is now fast approaching! (Jump
BTW- For all those who might care, I started "Watership Down" yesterday, and
am finished half (yes, half!). Excellent book!

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