RE: BOUNCE kats: (Interesting mental picture...)

From: Matthew O. Weber <>
Date: Thu, 04 Apr 96 04:29:00 PDT

>*ahem* right ... on another note, for those of you who want to print
>own shirts, I think one of Canon's bubble jets has the capability to
>on design paper which can be ironed on to any clean shirt ... I think I
>find out the model number if anyone is desperate enough to want to know

Heh. I happen to have just such a printer (BJC-610) and has excellent
output. Canon's special cloth transfer paper is available at most office
supply stores or directly through Canon. (You can do a search for their
web page since I don't happen to know it.)

It's kinda funny you brought this up, because I have been working (well,
_trying_ to find some time to work) on a design for a t-shirt. If (and
when) I ever get it finished, I'll send a thumbnail version to the ftp


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