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From: chance <>
Date: Mon, 8 Apr 1996 21:49:07 -0700

>Hi Ed.
>H-B has a gallery program, but will sell to just about any gallery that
>orders their minimum amounts. With increasing sales quotas, the H-B
>Animation sales staff have been known to sell to card shops, frame shops, and
>I've been told even flea marketers.
>Steve Grossfeld

Yeah, though some of these outlets may appear to "cheapen" the product
in some fashion, we the consumer should realize that higher volume often
brings lower unit pricing. That is, unless you're Disney!

> Think about all the people who read *that*. And in regards to the
>possibility that you individually may not be able to afford a Kats cel, I
>suggest calling the number anyway. As the prices and lack of Mook artwork
>show, the Kats cels release is far from an ideal one, H-B needs to
>understand how the artwork's release would best be prioritized, they welcome
>any opinions, and need to hear that there *are* SWAT Kats fans out there.

One comment on this Mook-Hanho thing. I don't know for certain that
they're releasing only the Hanho, but earlier I'd heard from a third party
that if cels were going to be released, they'd only be the Hanho ones for
reasons unspecified (someone else suggested that the Mook ones were
all destroyed in the Orient, but I've heard junk like this before). Anyway, that
was a few months ago now, so things might've changed, or this individual
could've been talking through their hat. Best call before taking my word for it
regardless. I'll probably call them anyway, I guess.

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