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Razor wrote:
>Some time ago, Edo asked why HTMLize the FAQ. Here are a couple of reasons
>for doing so that I can think of, off the top of my head:
>(1) Instantaneous link to email, if you wanted to email Turner or the
>Cartoon Network.

Or to the one that maintained the FAQ. ;)

>(2) Access to other information, such as other web pages, immediately and
>directly from the HTMLized FAQ. For example, if a company is mentioned
>that has a web page, you can click on the link and it'll take you directly
>to that page, if for example you wanted to order something from them. I
>don't know of any specific examples that I can offer offhand, however.

Well, if the FAQ has gone to more than 10k, it will be very useful to=
 HTMLized it, you can divided section by section, and then put somekind of=
 link to the other sections at the beginning of the FAQ so that people can=
 jump to directly to the section that they want to read.

>(3) It looks cooler if graphics are involved and you have a web browser
>that supports graphics, rather than just reading a straight text file.

Speaking of web browser, how many you out there that got an access to a web=
 browser that that can handle frames?

BTW, is there a plan on building a SWAT Kats vehicles and weapons FAQ? I=
 think that would be cool if that FAQ got HTMLized too.

>It's true that not everyone has access to a web browser. But I think more
>of us have access to a web browser than don't, so I think creating an
>HTMLized FAQ is justified.

Well, in that case, here's some of the suggestion for the new HTML FAQ that=
 I can think of right now:

When somebody click the merchandise thing on the FAQ, there is a link to the=
 pictures of the merchandise in directory.

When somebody click the 23 episode thing on the FAQ, there is a link to the=
 episode guide (

BTW Razor, I think that you should add the "no SWAT Kats comic" thing and=
 the officiality of Walt's SWAT Kats fan club to the FAQ .

Oh yeah Razor, one more thing, who is Yaeger?

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