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Date: Mon, 08 Apr 1996 02:56:02 GMT

I pulled this off rec.arts.animation for a laugh...

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>Was anybody watching Cartoon Network today?

>If so, I hope you all were paying attention to some of the "factoids" you heard
>throughout CN's programming day. (Something to do with today's date, I

>Here are some of the ones I remembered (correct me if I misquote):

>*On "Smurfs": "The part of Papa Smurf is being played by Judy Jetson."

>*"Perils of Penelope Pitstop:" "The Anthill Mob (her gangster-protectors)
>were once tall, but Penelope put them in the dryer!"

>And here are two of my favorites from "SWAT Kats:"

>"Razor doesn't want you to know this, but his given name is...Cuddles
>(It's true!)"

>"Megakat City is actually a suburb of Des Moines."

>Hope you all got at least a chuckle or two out of 'em.


>(P.S. "Dexter's Laboratory," a loaf from the risen dough of "Cartoon
>Pilot Playhouse"--er, I mean, "World Premiere Toons," premieres April

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