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>>BTW, is it just me, or does Turmoil from "Cry Turmoil" look like an
>I dunno. The females in the second season all looked awfully....

ALL the females pretty much looked humanoid, but it really stuck out
season. Cally's OK, sometimes very kat looking, but Felina's
basically a human
with a black nose, ears, and a tail.
  The most kat-like female I think we've seen (aside from Molly, but
we don't see
much of her with fur) is Dr. Abi Sinian. One of the really
distinguishing and
critical features to making a kat vs. making a human is the face.
Male kats
have very furry faces and they seem to be much easier to draw 'cause
more of a variety for some reason. Women, you can make them VERY
in movement, but not in face. Dr. Abi, if you look closely, not only
has the
typical black nose but actually a bunch of short lines behind it--
indicating a
very small, cat (yes, I mean that spelling) snout. Cally has that,
but not to any
degree as Abi. Felina's snout simply doesn't exist--she was drawn if
a human
face and a black square over her nose.
   One nice thing about making her gargoyle in "Children"--she's much
more animal
like, and anything that gets her away from being humanoid helps.

                                                Dr. Jake

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