From: Kay Chang <>
Date: Sun, 7 Apr 1996 11:48:09 -0500 (CDT)

>This is Matthew Milam here. I'e been a long time member of the swat
>kats mailing list. and when i heard of your fan club i didn't think
>of any ideas until now.

So've I . . . I've known 'bout this fer a while, but got nothin' of it till
now . . . <shrug> go fig. <G>

>Here are some to start...

Yes, but shouldn't this go directly to Walt? (Not that I don't like seeing
possible future ideas that'll happen to our club. <G>)

>1. Projections of what season three would been like.

Yeah . . . and maybe a bit more info on the unfinished season two eps.

>2. Love stories...(I like to see my characters get romantic
> sometimes).

Me too. (But don't tell anyone! I'm s'posed t' be the harboiled crazy kid!)

>3. A letter count to see how many letter were sent to Ted Turner on
> Swat Kats Renewal.

Well, o' *course* we have t' do that. VIVE SWAT KATS!!

>Hope these help here's my address:

And I might as well add mine.

>Matthew Milam
>1452 East 54th Place
>Chicago,il 60615


Terra Chang
901 Weston Lane
Austin, Tx 78733

Thank y'all and walk safely. =)

>Matthew Milam

BTW, Happy Easter from Texas! (I know some o' you've might've already had
it, but this is from the Lone Star State! Hugs to you all!)

Ciao and meow.

Terra Chang:
writer and poet
SWAT Kats lover
Anne Rice fan

"I dunno . . . I kinda figured teachers slept in coffins all summer."
                    --Calvin & Hobbes

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