From: Ed Rudnicki <>
Date: Thu, 4 Apr 96 14:57:24 EST

>>>the Blockbuster environment). Turner Home Video was "disappointed" at
>>>orders for the 'SwatKats Home Videos', but as most of you have found
>>>out from your retailer during your search for them, everyone replies to
>>>your question with "Whatsa Swatkat?". No promotion. No sales. 3 mil
>>Well there were ads on the various Turner cable stations. Even CNN.
>>I guess the fool assumed that only his stations are worth watching.
>There were? I only recall seeing it once on TCN. This is not the way to
>advertise & promote something you want to make money with. Seems that
>the suits at TedCo need to go back to school for Marketing 101.

I saw it on at least TBS and CNN, and I think TNT. As I posted
elsewhere, it just occurred to me that ads on Turner stations are in
effect free for TedCo product.


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