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From: chance <>
Date: Tue, 2 Apr 1996 18:28:15 -0800

>What make the SWAT Kats got canceled anyway? We should really found out if we gonna bring them back.

We've had a pack of reasons (heck, TCN has had a pack of reasons), but
nothing definitive. Even the Tremblay bros. didn't get anything resembling
satisfactory, and the 'published' reasons through the Turner spin-doctors
are little save bad theater (just ask Gary Owens about his dismissal - er,
sorry, "non-renewal of contract due to undesirable geography"). Christian
got the first 300 pieces of our fan-mail (sent via download off newsgroups and
this list), and proceeded to call Seibert up whenever possible to say
"See? People *do* like the show!". Yep, they like it....even at 4:30 am Pacific
they liked it. A year after the cancellation they *still* like it. Any Turner rep
care to give the TCN e-mail handlers a call to see how much kat questions
they field? "Bad ratings" huh....pull the other one.
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