Re: How does Katkind measured their time?

From: Kevin L. Knoles <>
Date: Sun, 31 Mar 1996 23:11:02 +4200 (CST)

> In SWAT Kats we can see that their civilization is paralel to our's late=
> 20th century civilization, but we still doesn't know how they use their=
> years, are they based in 365 days? or could they based on a sky object like=

    There's a tremendous number of similarities between the Kat Planet and our
own, too many to mean a coincidence, but some strange type of science fiction
plot device that creates similar worlds. I'd say the Kat Kalender (Hey,
another item of merchandise!) is so identical to our own as to be stastically
insignifigant. That means 365.25 days a year, and as the calender on the wall
shows (I think), probably similar months as well.

> a certain star or a certain moon (If the Kats planet has more than one=
> moon) ? what year does the SwatKats live in? are their starting year is=

    I've only seen indication of one moon much like out own. Having already
accepted all the other Earth like charcteristics of the Kat world (Which I
don't think *is* Earth.), that's not too much more of a stretch for me.

> mark by a certain event (Like the day the SwatKats put the Pastmaster out=
> of commision in medieval times) ? Does anybody here want to put their opini=
> ons?

    Well, they would have constellations based on Kat imagery; The big
and little (Milk) Saucers instead of Dippers, for instance.

> I'm sorry if what I'm asking is background information, but it could be a=
> great discussion topic in this list.

    It *is*, It *is*.

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